Budget Analyst

  • Monitors status of funds to ensure that all expenditures are for purposes intended by AMC and that appropriated amounts are not exceeded.
  • Utilizes accounting systems such as PBAS, GFEBS and SOMARDS to receive, record, and distribute direct funds (including OMA, OPA, RDTE, RESET, OCO, ORF and FMS) for CECOM.
  • Executes reprogramming actions and reviews and approves the validity of expired appropriation funding requests.
  • Monitors CECOM decentralized fund certification; reconciles and analyzes monthly financial reports to ensure that appropriate balances are corrected;
  • manages the disposition of all expired appropriation fund balances; and responds to AMC/DA requests for funds for prior year and returns available balances.
  • Follows up on un-obligated funds/outstanding commitments in conjunction with the fund holder to ensure timely execution or return of funds.
  • Analyzes process and reviews funding actions to preclude overstatement of funds. Reviews financial management processes and internal controls to achieve audit readiness for Statement of Budgetary Resources (SBR).
  • Conducts audit testing for reimbursable programs to ensure consistency with SBR requirements.
  • Accesses resource management and accounting systems including G8ITS, GFEBS, SOMARDS, WAWF, EDA and ORLV to manage the reimbursable program, conduct reconciliation and assess audit readiness.
  • Conducts the Joint Reconciliation Program (JRP), Reimbursable and Funds control that manage the cases and admin portions of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) funds.


  • Bachelors Degree is strongly desired

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