Security Specialist

The requirements/skills are:

  • Administer and manage the development and implementation of tailored security training and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable security regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Fulfill security manager duties set forth in AR 380-5
  • Serve as the safe/combination custodian
  • Prepare and maintain comprehensive security SOPs to implement the policies and guidance described in all applicable regulations and policies
  • Conduct organization specific security orientation briefings, annual refresher training, and debriefings
  • Establish and implement procedures for the transmission of classified material to and from organizational elements
  • Ensure personnel are knowledgeable of and compliant with all applicable administrative and security requirements, while assigned to, participating in, or supporting organization activities
  • Monitor activities in organization facilities, ensuring all classified materials are handled and protected in accordance with DoD and Army regulations
  • Conduct inquiries and report the results of security incidents/violations, as required to leadership and cognizant security authority (CSA).
  • Perform duties as an OPSEC Coordinator
  • Prepare and maintain a current Security Plan(s); ensure newly-assigned personnel are briefed on the critical information of organization and conduct periodic training; update the organizationís Critical Information List (CIL) and OPSEC Plan; conduct initial, periodic, and annual security- and OPSEC related training
  • Complete OPSEC reviews of communications being submitted for public release in coordination with Public Affairs
  • Coordinate with DoD and other government agency (i.e. DHS, GAO, DOE) security managers to ensure incoming and out-going personnel clearances (PCL) are sent and received via appropriate means
  • Advise and represent the organization on matters related to the classification, downgrading, de-classification, and safeguarding of national security information
  • Establish procedures for ensuring all persons handling classified material are properly cleared
  • Create and maintain PCL Tracking list of all organization military and civilian personnel to ensure investigations are initiated within the appropriate timelines
  • Advise and assist team personnel regarding resolving classification issues and provide classification guidance
  • Advise and assist personnel on the proper implementation of security classification guidance.
  • Assist and advise the PM on matters pertaining to the enforcement of regulations and policies governing the acquisitions, dissemination, reproduction, transmission, safekeeping, and destruction of classified material
  • Conduct annual self-inspections to ensure the continued security of organization activities, identify deficiencies, and document corrective actions taken
  • Maintain access control records, and establish an access control policy
  • Provide organization Secure Internet Protocol Router (SIPR) security support to include Cyber Security Readiness Inspections (CCRI), establishing procedures for use of the facility, and provide training to personnel pertaining to the proper procedures and capabilities of the room.
  • Provide security support to the organization IPT to include vetting attendees, providing security advice and guidance, and establishing security procedures
  • Respond to inquiries sent to organization Security Mailbox
  • Maintain the organization Security SharePoint Site
  • Complete requisite training and maintain active accounts on the following systems: Joint Personnel Access System (JPAS), Security Management System (SMS), and Industrial Security Facilities Database (ISFD)
  • Coordinate liaison with intelligence and counterintelligence personnel
  • Advise and assist with program protection functions.
  • Perform Industrial Security Specialist duties as defined in AR 380-49

Required Skills:

  • More than four yearsí experience acting as a security specialist for a Government or Contractor organization
  • experience as a cognizant security officer or facility security officer desired

The work environment is:

  • Ability to work independently as well as lead or be part of a complex engineering team
  • Must have good inter-personal, writing, and verbal skills
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Must be responsive to schedule and task deadlines and adaptive to varying guidance
  • Must be willing and capable of working with teams of Government and Contractors across multiple companies
  • Must be able to multitask; the successful candidate will be effective on simultaneous projects at various stages of completion
  • Primary work location will be Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD


  • Bachelorís degree desired

Security Clearance:

  • Established US DoD security clearance of TOP SECRET.

Send your resume to: contactus@t2s-solutions.com. Please put the name of the position in the title of the email.