T2S Solutions Engineers are Electronic Warfare Subject Matter Experts

T2S Solutions engineers are working to develop and improve the electronic warfare (EW) landscape. EW is a pivotal part of modern warfare. EW is military action involving the use of electromagnetic and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) or to attack adversary forces during all multi- domain operations (MDO). EW consists of three distinct divisions: Electromagnetic Attack (EA), Electromagnetic Protection (EP), and Electromagnetic Support (ES). Modern Forces Rely on Communication, Radars, Intelligence/ew Sensors, and the flow of information across the battlefield. EW is used to control EMS, either by protecting their own assets and information while denying or degrading the use of the adversary’s use of EMS.


The ability to plan, coordinate, protect, and execute within the EMS is key to the survival during any conflict Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) and MDO if the EMS is not controlled or protected a force would have spectrum dominance and information advantage over other forces. T2S Solutions is working on tools that allow the commander to conduct remote control and management of EW assets to execute offensive and defense EA, EW targeting and, spectrum management operations across Multi-Domain Operations.