Comprehensive Multidomain Test Support for Army Initiatives

T2S Solutions provides multidomain test support across a variety of army initiatives, specializing in the areas of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), Artificial Intelligence, Software/System Development, Modeling and Simulation, Tactical Networks, and the operation of our A-PNT Open Innovation Lab (A-PNT OIL).


We provide the following types of test services

  • Program of Record (POR) Acquisition Test Support
  • Quick Reaction Capability Test Support
  • Test Program Development
  • DCRA – Data Collection Reduction and Analysis
  • Post-Test Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Support development of test and analysis plans/procedures
  • Perform Iterative System Analysis (Bugs, Errors, Defects)
  • First article testing and production qualification
  • Developmental and Operational (including Live Fire Operational) Test Event support
  • Test-fix-test
  • Standards/Compliance Certification