Currently to support ISR, NAVWAR, and covert RF “weather mapping’ missions there is a need for many “boxes” hardware or test equipment.


Compact PNT Signals
Monitoring Solution

Now there is only one, Introducing The Veracity-Micro, for PNT Signals collection and monitoring, RF monitoring, and truth source/reference units for test and evaluation.

  • Ruggedized, portable RF Spectrum Analyzer running T2S capture scripts.
  • Agnostic and compatible with a variety of PNT & RF Signals monitoring and collection industry software.
  • HH GPS kits. For waypoint marking, and/or route/course set up.
  • * spread-spectrum analyzers to cover GHz plus, ie 5G signals.
  • Dismount, mounted, airborne, and maritime capable
  • Place it and forget it
  • Nett Warrior DC power compatible
  • COTS DC power banks compatible
  • Nett Warrior ATAK compatible, Microsoft Windows compatible

Veracity Micro™

  • Configurable RF and PNT signals performance dashboards
  • PNT STANAG-4278 analytical dashboards
  • Highly configurable to many GPS/GNSS receivers, RF Spectrum Analyzers, DC power, and Solid State hard drive storage options
  • Multiple variants to mee specific mission demands
  • SWAP-C
  • PNT NAVWAR environment data collection
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and CAT5/6 Network cable access, future versions will be fully JICD compliant
  • Mission configurable
  • Discreet RF environment monitoring and data collection