Destroyable Low Fidelity
Emitter Node (DLFEN)™

Due to a lack of threat emulation across the Department of Defense and lack of training material to support MDO exercises, T2S Solutions has ventured to address the gap and provide a small form factor, easy to use emitter to enhance training objectives.

  • Small form factor device with simple interface
  • Quickly deployable to support electronic warfare home station training, spectrum manager RF interference training, electronic support intelligence training objectives
  • Expected output of 60kW Peak Output Power

DLFEN™ Emitters



  • S-Band Navigation Band Magnetron
  • Custom Built Transmitter and Voltage Regulator
  • 2 RPM Motorized Rotating Turntable
  • Elevation Settings at 0°, 15°, 30°
  • Peak RF Power - 62kW
  • RF Frequency - 3.05Ghz +/-30 MHz
  • Pulse Width - 890nsec to 1050nsec
  • Repetition Rate - 1.35msec to 1.6msec
  • 20 dBi Standard Gain Horn Antenna
  • Average RF Power - 42W to 49W
  • Total System ERP - 98 dBm