Enabling Next-Generation Space Monitoring And Prototyping

T2S Solutions specializes in rapid prototyping, integration, and experimentation of alternatives for Space Base Telemetry (SBT) monitoring to support high-value DOD space vehicles under test. We develop physical and virtual models of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) prototypes to evaluate the technical feasibility, manufacturing feasibility, and military utility of providing space vehicle, payload and battle management, command, and control of leo satellite constellations supporting tactical situational awareness/situational understanding and sensor-to-shooter timelines.


Cutting-Edge Space Systems Engineering and Integration

T2S Solutions’ engineers use digital engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to design, integrate, test, and sustain NExT-1 bus size weight and power (SWAP), signals of interest, alternative navigation (ALTNAV) augmentation of commercial service, and space based telemetry monitoring (SBTM) functionality. T2S Solutions integration of space payloads to the space development agency’s (SDA) NeXT satellite demonstrates low-latency data transport and beyond line-of-sight command and control. This is a key contributor to the army’s multi-domain operations (MDO) and DoD’s Joint All-domain operations (JADO).


Cybersecurity Solutions for Resilient Space Systems

T2S Solutions performs cyber-resilient space system design and development as well as providing space-tailored 3rd party adversarial cybersecurity assessment services and architectural evaluation at both executive and technical levels. We offer cradle-to-grave consultation on mitigation strategies and vulnerability remediations to address assessment findings at all phases of space system operation from design to launch to de-orbit.

T2S Solutions is also involved in the development and implementation of novel cybersecurity paradigms for space-resident systems and their supporting infrastructure.